Murakaza neza mu Rwanda – Welcome to Rwanda!

Kigali/Rwanda has been selected as the host city for the Global Trauma Symposium 2022 - Pioneering Innovation in Trauma Recovery. gHive is honored to provide a platform for a multinational consortium of experts interested in sharing their knowledge with other mental and allied health professionals from all over the world.

Join us to discuss progressive and novel approaches to trauma recovery through a variety of cultural viewpoints in a highly dynamic and diverse platform. International leaders will introduce the latest innovations in their area of specialty. Additionally, Rwandan trauma recovery experts will highlight the country's achievements.

gHive invites you to learn about Rwanda's noble recovery efforts, to build your professional skill set, and to experience the unparalleled beauty of the Land of a Thousand Hills and its people.


Participants of this event will be able to:

  • Describe a variety of international orientations to mental healthcare.
  • Learn about trauma from multinational experts in their area of expertise.
  • Understand diverse manifestations of trauma within a variety of cultural contexts.
  • Create once-in-a-lifetime memories and build lasting friendships.

Continuing Education:

15 CEs are available for licensed mental health providers via the National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc (NBCC).

Please check with your licensing board to confirm they honor CEs issued through the NBCC.

Interested to Become a Presenter?

gHive invites proposals for the 2022 Global Trauma Symposium, focusing on the theme Pioneering Innovation in Trauma Recovery. We welcome proposals from multiple perspectives and voices. They should raise critical issues and/or innovations in approaches to treating trauma from a holistic perspective.


Proposals are peer-reviewed. There are four presentation format options:

  1. Electronic poster (e-poster): 60 minutes, up to two presenters
  2. Interactive workshop: 60 minutes, up to two presenters
  3. Paper presentation: 25-minute presentations, including a 5-minute Q&A, up to two presenters
  4. Panel: 60 minutes, up to four presenters

Further information is available here. The submission deadline is Oct 1, 2021. Questions can be directed to [email protected].

Symposium Organization

Travel with us to Rwanda, organized by our logistics partner GEI - The Global Engagement Institute.

Different symposium packages are available:

  • Symposium only (May 4-6): USD 250
  • Comprehensive Symposium package (Apr 30-May 7): USD 2,490
  • Basic Symposium package (May 3-7): USD 1,890
  • Extension I - Akagera National Park (3 days): USD 890
  • Extension II - Mountain Gorilla Trek (3 days): USD 2,050

Further details on all the package options are available on GEI's website here.

Rwanda - the Land of a Thousand Hills

Experience Rwanda…

  • Feel safe and secure walking the streets of its modern, green capital
  • A place where zero tolerance for corruption really means zero tolerance
  • One of the most gender-progressive parliaments in the world
  • Globally admired for its achievements in healthcare, education, and environmental protection
  • Just a stone’s throw away from world-class tourism activities like tracking endangered mountain gorillas

Welcome to Rwanda, one of the world's greatest development success stories.

Program costs


Global Trauma Symposium 2022: Pioneering Innovation in Trauma Recovery

This fee is for the conference attendance only. Different symposium packages are available via our logistics partners GEI - The Global Engagement Institute.