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gHive is committed to providing high quality live and virtual mental health continuing education curriculum specializing in progressive approaches to treating trauma through a multicultural lens. Learn from and alongside experts from around the world. 

With your purchase, you are providing the same transformational educational experience to mental health professionals in low- and middle-income countries.

Upcoming Special Live Events

Fall/Winter 2021/2022

Series on Dissociative Disorders:

  • Dissociation 101: The basics of working with dissociative disorders: Sep 17 at 10-noon PST (2 CEs)
  • The normalcy of fragmentation: Working creatively with dissociative disorders: Oct 7-8 at 9am-5pm PST (14 CEs)
  • Eating disorders & DID - Treating overlapping complexity: Oct 21 & 22 9am-1pm PST (7 CEs)
  • Frida: A Portrait of the Dissociative Experience: Feb. 11 2022 9am-noon PST (3 CE's)
  • Working ethically with complex trauma & dissociative disorders: Mar 11, 2022 at 9am-5pm PST (6 CEs)

Available Fall 2021

Earn a Certificate in Progressive Approaches to Trauma Treatment

  • Intro to integrative approaches to trauma treatment 
  • Intro to mindfulness 
  • Intro to nutrition and mental health 
  • Intro to animal based therapy 
  • Intro to movement based therapy 
  • Intro to music based therapy 
  • Intro to art based therapy 
  • Intro to dissociative disorders 
  • Intro to spirituality and trauma

Available in late 2021

Advanced asynchronous courses that lead to Certification in various specialty areas related to intro areas listed above.

Other Trainings:

  • Introduction to yoga and polyvagal theory
  • Introduction to mindfulness and nervous system regulation
  • Introduction to trauma-informed special education
  • Raising family resilience: Introduction to trauma-informed parenting
  • Introduction to the power of therapeutic touch
  • Trauma and faith: Building a vibrant, trauma-informed faith and spiritual life

Membership (coming soon)

Earn specialized CE Certifications AND become part of the Global Hive of like-minded mental health professionals across the globe.

You'll receive:

  • Special pricing and access to events such as The International Progressive Approaches to Trauma Conference in Kigali, Rwanda (May 2022) 
  • Q&As with gHive founders
  • Live trainings with industry experts
  • Access to a private networking group and community support
  • Access to self-care videos (coming early 2022) 
  • Know that with your contribution you are building capacity for progressive trauma treatment in low- and middle-income communities  
  • Special certificate pricing 
  • Quarterly special events
  • Opportunity to interact with international clinicians